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Ghost Town: A Mystery, Issue 0

Welcome to The Lollipop Corporation, owner of The United States of America and it's affiliate parts.

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Ghost town: A Mystery, Issue 0+1

Read the first 32 pages of Ghost Town: A Mystery, including Issues 0 and 1.

Follow Arthur as he embarks on his mission to "Investigate recent disturbances from unknown assailants." His destination Treble City proves to be more than it seems as Arthur discovers a dangerous secret beneath the black fog that blankets the streets. 

Politics. Action. Mystery. Nazis. Welcome to Ghost Town.

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Ghost Town: A Mystery, Issue 2

The second installment in Ghost Town: A Mystery.

Arthur's investigation leads him to an old friend, a new enemy, and more unanswered questions as he moves deeper into the foggy streets of Treble City.